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NonProfitPlus - Pricing, Features, and More

Know what makes NonProfitPlus such a great nonprofit accounting software, its best features, and what alternatives and add-ons are available.

NonProfitPlus is marketed as an all-in-one cloud-based accounting software solution that provides procurement management, financial management, fund accounting, and grant accounting modules and suites designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations. Regardless of the size of your nonprofit, NonProfitPlus promises to be a suitable solution.

Is it the right option for your nonprofit organization though? In this post, we’ll explore this accounting software, share its features, history, and its limitations. We’ll also share some alternatives you may want to add to your list when shopping around. Let’s dive in!

The History of NonProfitPlus

NonProfitPlus is distributed by Accounting System Integrators, LLC (ASI), a New Haven, Connecticut-based company that has integrated and developed software solutions for nearly a quarter of a century.

Founded in the mid-1990s by CEO Bill Dean, ASI began as an independent software vendor of Solomon ERP. In 2008, the company shifted its focus toward cloud-based ERP systems and joined Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud and browser-based enterprise resource planning software designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

ASI is a results-oriented provider of world-class consulting services that incorporates state-of-the-art information technologies and the expertise needed to help nonprofits and businesses achieve their strategic goals and maximize profit. In 2014, ASI opened a second office in Portland, Maine.

Through software solutions like NonProfitPlus, ASI helps provide nonprofits and businesses with powerful, sophisticated accounting tools tailored to the specific needs of the individual client.


NonProfitPlus features a modular design that allows the software to be dynamically scaled to meet the needs of any business. Users can choose from various modules and suites to create their own customized nonprofit accounting solution. The company says that it can deliver the tools needed for all nonprofit financial management and reporting. With NonProfitPlus, users can maintain and improve every aspect of their organization's grant process, track and manage funding and budgeting activities, produce and analyze financial reports, and so much more. The software can even track volunteers and assign individual system access for improved expense and time management.

An organization's board of directors can access financial and operational data anytime. NonProfitPlus comes with a free mobile app that includes all of the software's excellent features as well.

NonProfitPlus Pricing

Because NonProfitPlus is a scalable, customized financial management and accounting solution for nonprofits, pricing varies. Although the NonProfitPlus website does not clearly indicate the price for its software, the starting price per month for a five-user system, according to Software Advice and Capterra, is $675.00 per month. There are also unlimited user systems available. Interested parties can contact Accounting System Integrators directly for an accurate price quote.

nonprofitplus-capterra-pricingCapterra pricing

NonProfitPlus Top Features

Accounts Payable

Using NonProfitPlus, nonprofit organizations can easily manage payments and liabilities for goods and services while tracking money owed, due dates, discounts, and cash requirements. With NonProfitPlus, users can access financial reports from anywhere, using a web browser or the NonProfitPlus mobile app. NonProfitPlus allows you to manage vendor invoices, track vendor balances, automate payment processing, predict cash requirements, deliver vendor reports, and so much more.

Budget Management

Every nonprofit organization must operate within the confines of its board-approved budgets. Once your organization's budget is created, NonProfitPlus can be configured to notify users when an over-budget scenario occurs. The NonProfitPlus Budget Checker tool is available on all data entry screens, allowing users to see the full impact of their current transaction. Administrators can choose to warn users in an over-budget situation but will enable them to process the transaction, require approval before it can be processed, or restrict users from processing the transaction until it is within budget.

Donor Management

Your donors and the donations they make to your organization are crucial. With NonProfitPlus, you can easily track and manage your nonprofit organization's income from donors. In addition, you can generate, customize and automate donor reports that can be emailed to stakeholders periodically. NonProfitPlus can generate donor receipts and acknowledgment letters, assign follow-ups and run reports by activity. NonProfitPlus has everything a nonprofit needs for donor management.

NonProfitPlus Limitations

Though a company can tout its features, the proof is in the proverbial pudding as they say. According to reviews and user experiences we read, below are two of the critical limitations of the NonProfitPlus accounting software.

Complicated Installation, Setup, and Use

Purchasing the right software solution for your nonprofit organization without the ability to set it up or use it is, frankly, not the best use of money. Users report that NonProfitPlus can be incredibly difficult to implement and set up. If your organization does not have dedicated IT support that can work directly with ASI support to implement NonProfitPlus, it is encouraged that you find someone who can before taking the plunge and purchasing this software solution.

Not Ideal for Small Nonprofits

Even though they state they can help all nonprofits, NonProfitPlus isn't cost-effective for most small nonprofit organizations. If your nonprofit organization operates on a limited budget, the price tag could be a problem. When you couple the high price with the fact that the software is quite complicated, it becomes inappropriate for use among smaller nonprofit organizations.

NonProfitPlus Accounting Alternatives

NonProfitPlus is undoubtedly a trusted and popular nonprofit accounting and financial management software solution, particularly for large nonprofits. Luckily though, for people looking for less expensive options, it is not the only game in town. Here are some popular NonProfitPlus alternatives:


Serenic Navigator for NPO

Serenic Navigator is a leading cloud-based EPR designed to provide insight and functionality while supporting the challenges unique to local governments, schools, and nonprofits. Whether your nonprofit organization delivers localized services to the underserved in your community, regionally advances the cultural arts, or operates out of separate, decentralized offices worldwide, Serenic Navigator can help you make the most of every dollar from every donor.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a NonProfitPlus alternative that allows nonprofit organizations to automate various financial management and accounting processes, from the most basic to the most complex, improving productivity, compliance, and growth. Sage Intacct is a complete, customizable, cloud-based solution that can accommodate the needs of any nonprofit organization, regardless of size.




Sparkrock is a SaaS application that integrates financial and workforce management into one tool for schools, human services, and nonprofit organizations. With Sparkrock, nonprofits have predictive control over their funding and operations while increasing productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Sparkrock is an ERP software solution customized to best suit your organization, and its unique needs.



The Best Add-On - SendGrant

If your nonprofit organization is considering NonProfitPlus as a financial management tool for your organization, or any of the NonProfitPlus alternatives listed above, you may want to consider SendGrant as well. SendGrant is a new and exciting nonprofit electronic accounts payable solution for organizations distributing grant payments.

SendGrant was developed by the same team that created SmarterSelect scholarship and grant management software. They recognized the need for better nonprofit accounting software, and based on feedback and input from users just like you, they created a better method for managing, tracking, and distributing electronic grant payments.

Thanks to SendGrant, it’s never been easier to control access from your users and team members, run financial reports, or track and distribute funds securely. Want to learn more about what the new kid on the block can do for you? Get started today by joining the SendGrant Pre-Launch!NonProfit Accounting Software - The Ultimate Guide

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