About Us

With 15+ years and counting in the scholarship and grant management space, we identified many issues with getting funds into the hands of students and grantees.  Lost or un-cashed checks.  Delays in crediting students' accounts.  Funds being mis-applied.  No visibility in the payment process for the program manager or accounting staff.  And, more.

We created SendGrant to be more than an accounts payable tool.  We’ve created a digital payments and grant information platform that not only saves time but improves visibility for the non-profit organization, higher education institution, and the grantee. Every transaction is simple and seamless.  A grant payment workflow so simple it helps organizations focus on their grantees, not their back office.

Built by the team from SmarterSelect.


Meet our team

Robert Davis


Sergio Monge


Adriana Ramírez

Product Manager

Melissa Lucenti

Sr. Customer Support Rep

Christina Valente

Director of Finance

Jeff Barclay

QA and Product Specialist

Amanda Navas

Customer Support Supervisor

Paola Marín

Software Developer

Kevin Jiménez

Full Stack Engineer

Ever Gamboa

Customer Support Representative

Jostin Lopez

Customer Support Representative

Charlotte Hart

Sales Representative

Stward Pérez

Front End Developer

Andres Carrasquilla

Software Developer

Alexander Blanchard

Software Developer