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Distribute Your Grant Money Safely and Easily using SendGrant

Find out how to remove the bottlenecks in your grant program and distribute your grant money safely & easily using SendGrant.

How to distribute funds should not be an element of your grant program that causes stress. There is an efficient way to go about it, and the answer to removing the bottlenecks in a grant program is SendGrant. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of SendGrant, and why you should consider it for your program.

What is SendGrant?

Backed and built by the developers that brought you SmarterSelect scholarship and grant management software, SendGrant is the grant paymentsoftware that is taking the industry by storm.

From scholarships to grants, paying out your recipients is usually one of the biggest milestones of your program workflow - and the element of a grant program with many bottlenecks blocking that workflow. If you want to distribute grants with ease, you need a centralized location to complete all your tasks. SendGrant is an online grant payment system that specializes in awarding grants and scholarships

Managing your grants online with SendGrant empowers you to:

  • Manage all your payments in one place.
  • Track, view, and distribute funds.
  • Make things convenient for you, your team, grantees, and reviewers alike.
  • Control who can authorize purchases and payments.
  • Control your cash flow.
  • Simplify your end-of-year and tax season reporting.
  • Save time and money.
  • Track grant and scholarship payments.
  • Transfer securely.

SendGrant might be your new best friend when it comes to paying your grantees. If you’re ready to award more, work less – we’re ready to help.

Award Funds Easily

The funding process is simplified with our grant distribution software. With SendGrant, you can log in, view the status of the grant, determine the recipients, and then transfer funds with the click of a button. The software automates many of the tasks related to your grant as well.


No more sorting endless paperwork or going back and forth with the finance team to distribute funds. Everything is managed in a secure and efficient way. As an added benefit, our automated grants management system makes it easy to run reports on the grant so everyone involved will know what’s happening at any given time with the money.

Secure Fund Transfer

With SendGrant you won’t have to worry about how to distribute funds. In fact, you won’t even have to cut a check. This is because our payment management system handles this for you. Our program only works with trusted payment vendors as well. The grant distribution software even has safety features in place to ensure the funds reach the intended recipients. Not only does this ensure more transparent funding, it ensures your program can avoid unnecessary losses. The peace of mind SendGrant provides alone is worth its price.

Save Time and Satisfy Tax Requirements

Because of how much the process is automated with SendGrant, it takes less time to do virtually everything related to running your grant program. From payment requests built in minutes, to reports that can be created with one click, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars from labor and resources. You can also generate reports at the ready come tax time to ensure the IRS has all pertinent details for your organization’s tax status.


SendGrant - The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Transfer funds electronically, get email receipts for the awards, and verify the funds have been used in accordance with your program criteria - all of this without needing to send checks or wire transfers. This is just the tip of what SendGrant can do for your grant program. Whether you’re new to the grant and scholarship industry or have been around a while - SendGrant can take your operation to the next level. If you have ever been overwhelmed about how to distribute funds for your grant safely and effortlessly, you need SendGrant. Click here to get started today!Using a Grants Payment Management System

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